About me

Hi, I’m Cecilia!

Through my life I’ve valued having different experiences. I’ve managed a team of 50 people in a theatre in Amsterdam, studied and worked in event management in Sydney, and moved to New York City where I spent a few years working as a pastry chef.

Growing up I dreamt of seeing the world, so I decided to spend my life exploring. I’ve lived in many parts of the world before I ended up here in Copenhagen. I have always had a curious outlook on life, a desire to understand how things work and how things look from other people’s point of view. All these different lives have helped lay the foundation of how I think and conduct myself. I really grateful for the perspective and open-mindedness that you get from collecting input from many sources.

I’m positive and curious, structured and organized both in work and life, and am looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge in my new field.

I’m excited to become a digital analyst and I am really looking forward to working with your digital strategies.

jag som ler och skakar hand med någon som inte syns